Specialist Fundraising

Volunteer Recruitment And Management. Keeping Them Happy And Motivated as Your Best Advocates And Fundraisers
Thursday 14 April, 11:55 am - 1:00 pm

Session by Joan Hay, Volunteer Consultant

Is your organisation a volunteer magnet? Within the workshop we will consider motivation levels for volunteers a) to be involved and b) to succeed.

We will explore the challenges relating to volunteer recruitment and identify some key strategies to help get the best from volunteers. Why do volunteers choose to work for your organisation OR why are they leaving? What processes do you have in place which support recruitment, retention and volunteer input and output? All organisations want to thrive rather than simply exist. Customer service, attitude and first impressions are pivotal to succeeding. This is a workshop for those who have vision, passion and want to give the best to and and get the best from their volunteers. Come and join in an hour of sharing, fun and motivation!



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