Social Movements For Good

How Today's Movements Are Building a New Generation of Donors and Volunteers
Closing Plenary - Friday 15 April, 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
With Derrick Feldmann


You need people to believe in your cause to belong to your cause.

Social movements are about believing in an issue rather than belonging to one. Today’s social activists, supporters and donors are looking for a cause to be a part of what they believe in. The relationship with the entity is less important than the resonance to the issue.

To experience a social issue and to build a movement – making it possible for the individual to talk, share, and express a belief – is a concept some membership groups are not familiar with and will be challenged by. Instead of embodying the first step in a social movement, joining is now an ultimate expression that should be used for those who want to experience an even deeper role with a cause and the issue they represent, but only after they’ve developed a belief in it.

So how do you get people to believe in your cause?

Movements are not about one individual belonging, but rather a group of people believing in a common purpose. To do so, you have to help the individual recognise the power of his or her actions.

Attend this conference Closing Plenary by Derrick Feldmann and be inspired to start or improve your movement for good. Derrick brings his latest research to conference so we can better understand how to engage supporters and take them on our journey for the common good.

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Derrick is also conducting the following Master Class and Session

13 April - Half Day Master Class
Designing Targeted Gen Y Activation & Fundraising Campaigns

14 April - Session
The Next Generation (Millennials) and Giving. Understanding Them And Knowing How to Engage Them With Your Cause




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