Retaining Relevance: Using Digital Technology And Social Media To Your Advantage - A Case Study From Fulbright New Zealand

Presentation - Friday 15th April, 11:45 - 1:00pm

With Jazial Crossley, Fulbright New Zealand

In her first three months on the job as Communications Manager at 68 year old organisation Fulbright New Zealand, Jazial Crossley increased its social media engagement by more than 1000%. As a prestigious organisation that has been operating in New Zealand since 1947, Fulbright New Zealand needed to modernise its marketing rapidly to stay relevant. Learn how a few simple tricks transformed its social media presence and how you can apply these tools to your own social media strategy to stay relevant online.

Major learning outcomes include:

  1. Old organisations can be relevant on new media by using effective storytelling to build and grow your community / audience on social media. Learn how to harness digital technology for your organisation, no matter what sector, for marketing benefits;
  2. What characteristics all successful social media strategies share; and
  3. How maintaining a marketing mindframe of relentless positivity and continuous improvement ensures your organisation doesn't become irrelevant in the digital age.


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