Public Trust and Fundraising For Good

Beneficiary Focused Normative Fundraising Ethics
Opening Plenary address - Thursday 14 April, 8.45 am - 10.00am

With Ian MacQuillin, UK

Ian MacQuillin, director of Rogare, the fundraising think tank at UK's Plymouth University's Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy presents some incredibly important new ideas that will get delegates thinking about fundraising ethics and fundraisers' duty of care.

Ian will present a new concept of normative fundraising ethics that balance the rights of beneficiaries with the rights of other stakeholders which informs applied ethical decisions made in fundraising.

In light of heavy handed regulations imposed on fundraisers in the UK, the New Zealand fundraising sector can be enlightened on how it can take control of its own destiny and balance giving for good with the good of giving.

The following is an excerpt from Ian MacQuillin's blog on his Critical Fundraising website about The Gaping Hole at the Centre of Fundraising Ethics (10 June 2015)

The ongoing investigations following the death of Olive Cooke are looking at how the fundraising profession needs to reform its applied ethics. Ian MacQuillin argues that we first need a theory of ‘normative’ ethics to inform these decisions – one that includes fundraisers’ duties to their beneficiaries, not just their donors.

There is a gaping hole at the centre of fundraising’s professional ethics.

This is nothing to do with how we go about our fundraising, notwithstanding any ethical questions thrown up by the Olive Cooke case and the stories that have surfaced following the open season the media has declared on charities.

No, it’s about the difference between ‘normative’ ethics and ‘applied’ ethics. It’s about the beneficiaries of fundraising. And it’s about providing fundraisers with the framework they need to make sound decisions when confronted with the ethical challenges their profession currently faces, rather than the sector making up its ethics as it goes along, as it so often seems to do.

Read Ian's blog here.

Ian will be conducting the following presentations:


Thursday 14 April, 11:55 am - 1:00 pm

Funding Fundraisers: What About Donor Experience and Satisfaction Levels?

Giving Architects Breakfast Debate

Friday 15 April, 7:30 am - 9:00 am

The Distortion of The Facts: The media Making The News About Bad Fundraising Practices



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