Revolutionary Fundraising - mobilising donors and volunteers and making the most of the latest in digital opportunities

with Michael Whitney

What does it take to build a powerful grassroots movement online? It requires revolutionary thinking about the way you think about your organisation, your supporters, and your strategies.

Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign was different because of the unique way his supporters were asked to interact and own a part of the work. People were asked to get involved in fundamentally different ways than they ever had before.

You won't learn about secret digital toys to give you an edge online. This master class will focus on some of the fundamentally different ways to consider engaging donors and volunteers using standard tools, but in ways that challenge your supporters and organisations to think outside the usual box of online engagement.

We will look at building a base of supporters and measuring their impact, how email and SMS are used to engage for fundraising and volunteering, and how to build durable strategies with innovative tactics that go beyond what you ever thought was possible for digital organising. We'll also explore how to reconceptualise standard approaches to digital fundraising and engagement in ways that you can bring home and make your own.

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