FINZ Annual Conference 2017

Jason Pemberton


Jason Pemberton is a Venture Manager with the Ākina Foundation and is leading the community development for the Social Enterprise World Forum 2017. With 10 years of experience across engineering, sales, tertiary education, disaster response and social services, Jason’s natural role is a broker between sectors and perspectives. Jason was a key member of the Student Volunteer Army which mobilised in response to the devastating Canterbury Earthquakes in 2010-11, and led the national and international operations until early 2014.

His professional interests sit across the social enterprise and creative sectors, including a range of governance and business or leadership development roles. When not otherwise occupied, Jason can be found performing on his self-built guitar ‘Lola’ at whatever function you might happen to be at. Jason is proudly based in Christchurch.

Jason will be running a conference session on 'The Emerging Social Enterprise sector in New Zealand'.

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