Experiences From Auckland War Memorial Museum - Fundraising in The GLAM Sector (Galleries, Libraries and Museums)

Presentation - Friday 15th April, 10:30 - 11:40 am

With Lisa Rudolphe, Auckland War Memorial Museum

The GLAM Sector is diverse and exciting - as are the many fundraising campaigns that work hard to improve our countries Galleries, Libraries, and Museums. (GLAM!!!)
Join Lisa who is the Head of Fundraising at the Auckland War Memorial Museum as she takes you on a short historical tour featuring campaigns of the past through to successful case studies of today.
This is a quick pace presentation and you will walk away with a broad understanding of the sector, who funds it, and opportunities for the future.

Major learning outcomes include:

  1. PAST Looking back - an overview of the GLAM Sector in NZ and specifically Auckland Museum. Successes, learnings and case studies.
  2. PRESENT Now - Facts and figures detailing the size and scale of the sector now. Case studies detailing present fundraising campaigns.
  3. FUTURE Future Focus - patterns and opportunities for continued and future growth


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