Why mobile wins: powerful donor acquisition and retention using your thumbs

Master Class - Wednesday 13 April, 9:00 am - 3:30pm (full day)

With Jonathan Grapsas, flat earth direct

If you’re wondering what other options you have for mass acquisition outside face-to-face, or in fact how on earth you hang onto those regular givers you recruit on the street: the answer is in the palm of your hands.

In this session we’ll explore the rise to prominence of mobile fundraising including some data and recent case studies highlighting the power of fundraising with your thumbs.

Find out how SMS is uncovering thousands of new supporters for charities, and how email isn’t as uncool as many would have you think when it comes to keeping donors inspired.

Major learning outcomes include:
  1. Understanding how to hold onto younger, street recruited donors by switching their attention to their phones
  2. How to uncover mass volumes of new regular givers using SMS
  3. Working out where mobile fits in your fundraising recruitment and retention mix


Thursday 14th April, 10:30 - 11:50am

How Special Events Can Drive New Donor Acquisition - A Case Study

Thursday 14th April, 11:55am - 1:00pm

Donor Acquisition And Retention Supported by Digital Strategies



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